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Maryland Workers’ Comp Benefits For Custodial Workers


Your job as a custodian may keep you somewhat behind the scenes at the average Maryland workplace, but your role in maintaining a safe, clean space is crucial for the entire workforce. However, your daily job duties often expose you to considerable work-related hazards. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that custodial and janitorial workers rank 16th among all workers for highest injury rates, at an average of 50,000 reported cases every year. These individuals face uncertainty while missing work and incurring costly medical bills.

If you are a custodian who was hurt at work, it is reassuring to know that Maryland workers’ compensation system provides financial support. You may qualify for various benefits, but the claims process can be challenging at a time when you are trying to recover. A Maryland custodial workers injury lawyer can assist with the process to ensure you get the benefits you deserve. An overview of workplace hazards and the claims process may also be useful. 

Accidents and Injuries are Common Among Custodians 

Individuals in the janitorial profession face different hazards depending on the work environment. A custodian at a warehouse is subjected to very different conditions than one working at a real estate office. However, there are certain on-the-job accidents that tend to occur frequently:

  1. Slips, Trips, and Falls: Custodians are on the front line when it comes to cleaning up spills and debris, so employees often suffer bone fractures, concussions, strains, and sprains in accidents.
  2. Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals: Many of the chemicals you use to do your job can be dangerous, especially when they come into contact with skin and cause burns. You could also suffer respiratory disorders by inhaling airborne substances into the lungs.
  3. Overexertion: The janitorial field can involve strenuous work, long hours, and heavy lifting. Plus, you could be bending in awkward positions numerous times throughout the workday. 

Workers’ Comp Benefits Help You Return Quickly 

One of the most important benefits under the Maryland system is coverage of your medical bills. Fortunately, you may qualify for your current treatment and care you may require in the future, as long as it is reasonably necessary to address your medical condition. In addition, custodial workers may be entitled to:

  • Wage replacement at a rate of two-thirds your average weekly wages;
  • Total or permanent disability, on a permanent or temporary basis; and
  • Vocational rehabilitation, if you are unable to return to your work as a custodian and need training for another occupation.

In addition, survivors may obtain workers’ comp death benefits if a family member is killed in a workplace accident or through an occupational illness.

Get Legal Help from a Maryland Workers’ Compensation Attorney 

This information may be useful as an overview, but you can trust our team at the Law Offices of Steinhardt, Siskind and Lieberman, LLC to handle the details. For more information on your benefits and the claims process, please contact us to set up a free consultation. We can provide details after reviewing your situation.


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