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Although vital to our economy and touching every aspect of our lives, construction is and remains one of the most dangerous professions. According to the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the construction industry is responsible for one in five of worker deaths on the job. Whether working on heights, around heavy equipment, in the middle of busy highways or in open trenches, construction workers put their safety at risk every time they punch the clock. Most accidents are actually preventable, but when property owners, developers, site supervisors and contractors fail to provide necessary safety gear, updated equipment, and sound safety practices, serious accidents can and do occur. When they do, the Maryland construction accident lawyers at Steinhardt, Siskind & Lieberman, LLC stand up to negligent owners and contractors and help injured workers get the compensation they need to take care of themselves and their families while they are disabled from working.

Help with Falls and Other Leading Causes of Maryland Construction Accidents

Falls are the leading cause of construction site injury and death, and they top the list of OSHA’s “fatal four,” followed by being struck by an object, electrocution, and getting caught in or between equipment, objects, materials, or structures. Over 60% of construction worker deaths are typically attributable to one of these four causes. But there are many other types of construction accidents and injuries that are also common, serious and deadly. Steinhardt, Siskind & Lieberman, LLC represents injured workers or the families of workers who lost their lives in any of the following types of accidents:

Ladder Falls and Scaffold Collapses – Forty percent of construction deaths and countless catastrophic injuries are attributable to falls from heights, whether from defective ladders, negligently erected scaffolds, or other causes. Workers must be provided with adequate fall protection applicable to the type of work they are performing.

Forklifts and Bulldozers – Getting caught in between or crushed by powered industrial trucks and heavy equipment can occur due to operator negligence or poor site supervision. These vehicles may tip over if improperly loaded or operated on too steep of an incline. Also, unbalanced or improperly secured loads may fall and strike workers with catastrophic or deadly results.

Cranes – Cranes are some of the largest machines ever built, and they are commonly used on construction projects. Dangers posed by cranes include the crane tipping over if not properly erected, electrocution from contact between the crane boom and active power lines, being struck by the crane boom or loads falling off the crane, or being run over by a mobile crane.

Trenching and Excavation – Trenching and excavation are common to most construction projects, whether to bury electrical wires, conduit and plumbing or to gain access to an underground area. The most common danger causing trenching and excavation accidents exists from sidewalls being improperly shored and supported. OSHA guidelines are very specific about when shoring is required and how to safely handle excavated soil to prevent trench collapse. Other dangers exist from asphyxiation or explosions due to the buildup of gases in poorly ventilated spaces, as well as persons or heavy machinery falling into an unguarded trench.

Electrocution – Electrical hazards are serious and deadly, and they strike unsuspecting workers without warning. Construction site managers should take care to see that only qualified electricians are allowed to work on energized electrical systems. Barricades and other means should be in place to keep workers clear of high voltage lines, and low voltage lines should be completely insulated and grounded before non-electricians are allowed near. Power cords should be properly secured and intact to prevent electrical hazards if they come into contact with liquids on the construction site. Failure to consider and implement proper safety standards can be deadly for construction workers on energized scaffolds, cranes or literally any place on an active construction site.

Burns – Construction workers are susceptible to every kind of burn on a construction site, including not only burns from fires or explosions. Workers also face risks of chemical burns from working with caustic substances, electrical burns from live electrical wires, steam burns and scalding from hot water heaters and pipe valves, and conduction burns from heated pipes and machinery. Safe working practices, properly-working equipment, and the provision of adequate, effective safety gear and protection are all necessary to protect workers from serious burn injuries which can cause permanent disability or even death.

Traffic Accidents – Road construction crews face special dangers working in close proximity to fast-moving traffic on highways. Variable speed zones, narrowed lanes, the loss of shoulders, temporary lane dividers, and heavy equipment moving in and out of traffic all combine to create special dangers to workers on road crews in construction zones.

Help is Available from Experienced Maryland Construction Accident Lawyers

Maryland workers’ compensation is supposed to cover medical expenses and a portion of lost wages after an accidental injury that arises out of and in the course of employment. But not all construction accidents qualify for workers’ compensation, and when they do, the amount of benefits is not always sufficient. Our personal injury attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced in every avenue of compensation available to an injured construction worker, including workers’ compensation and third party liability claims. We fight to see that you receive a full and fair amount of benefits and compensation after an on-the-job construction accident.

If you have been injured in a construction accident in Maryland, call the law offices of Steinhardt, Siskind & Lieberman, LLC at 410-766-7630, or toll-free at 866-902-4111. We maintain offices in Glen Burnie and throughout the state of Maryland, and if you cannot travel, we will come to you. Call today to schedule your free consultation with one of our compassionate and dedicated Maryland construction accident lawyers.

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