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Maryland Heavy Equipment Operator Injury Lawyer

Here in Maryland, heavy equipment injuries are especially common at busy construction sites. Workers, many of who carry heavy loads which decrease their mobility, move in and out of the paths of these vehicles. Furthermore, many heavy equipment drivers have little experience operating these machines. When cement mixers, loaders, and other heavy vehicles are involved in crashes, the results are often tragic for victims.

The experienced Maryland heavy equipment operator injury lawyers at Steinhardt, Siskind and Lieberman routinely handle these matters throughout the Old Line State. So, we know what it takes to obtain maximum compensation in these cases. We quickly evaluate your case and apprise you of your legal options. Because of our experience, we are usually able to resolve workers’ compensation disputes out of court. That outcome speeds financial benefits to injured victims when they need them most.

Types of Injuries

The aforementioned heavy vehicle-related trauma injuries often mean tens of thousands of dollars in medical treatment bills. Other costs, such as medevac expenses, are often sky-high as well. Some specific trauma injuries include:

  • Head Injuries: Hardhats offer excellent protection against falling objects. But they don’t protect against collision-related head injuries. That’s mostly because the motion of an accident, as opposed to a trauma impact, often causes a head injury. When victims fall, their brains slam against the insides of their skulls.
  • Exsanguination: Excessive blood loss is often the official cause of death in heavy vehicle collisions. Frequently, these victims lose as much as a fifth of their blood before emergency responders arrive at the scene.
  • Broken Bones: Unlike blood loss, broken bones are normally not life-threatening injuries. However, like head injuries, broken bone injuries are normally permanent. Most victims experience permanent loss of function, like diminished range of motion in a shoulder.

Lost wage replacement doesn’t adequately compensate survivors in wrongful death claims or victims in permanent injury claims. The compensation must also reflect future economic losses and medical bills.

Heavy vehicles are not just, well, heavy. They are also quite loud. Exposure to sounds as low as 35 decibels, which is about the volume level in an elementary school cafeteria, could cause permanent hearing loss.

If caught early enough, hearing loss is rather easy to treat. However, if the damage is more extensive or the victim has a pre-existing condition, hearing loss could be almost impossible to treat.

Other heavy equipment-related occupational diseases include inhalation of toxic exhaust fumes and repetitive stress disorders from constant climbing and jumping in and out of these machines.

Your Claim for Damages

Procedurally, work injury victims must immediately report their injuries or illnesses to their supervisors. This requirement could be an issue in occupational disease claims. Most people don’t go to the doctor at the first sign of illness. Our Maryland workers’ compensation lawyers can use the discovery rule to eliminate this problem.

Next, a Claims Examiner typically evaluates the request for benefits. Most Claims Examiners deny most claims, at least in part. This denial doesn’t mean your claim is meritless or weak. The denial just gives our team a chance to advocate for you before an Administrative Law Judge.

An ALJ hearing is a lot like a trial. Attorneys can challenge evidence, introduce evidence, and make legal arguments.

Contact a Hard-Working Maryland Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If heavy equipment injures workers, they could be entitled to significant compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Maryland, contact The Law Offices of Steinhardt, Siskind and Lieberman, LLC. Virtual, home, and hospital visits are available

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