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Do I Qualify for Expedited Processing Under SSA’s Quick Disability Determination?


If you recently filed a claim or are considering submitting an application for benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income (SSDI/SSI) programs, there is one glaring issue that you may encounter: The long delays in processing your claim and receiving your first payment. At times, the wait could be due to your own errors or omissions. However, some delays are the natural result with a government agency that is as busy as the Social Security Administration (SSA). You probably assume that the only way to address the situation is simply wait longer.

The good news is that your application for benefits could move more quickly if it is processed through Quick Disability Determination (QDD). There is nothing different you need to do on your end to get selected for QDD, so you should still retain a Maryland Social Security disability lawyer for assistance. Some basic information may help you understand whether you qualify for QDD or other expedited process.

Overview of QDD: In short, QDD is a computer program that uses predictive modeling to analyze electronic SSDI/SSI disability applications. When it detects certain terminology on the forms, medical records, or supporting documents, the computer flags it as being highly likely that you will be found disabled. Then, your application is sent for review by human eyes in the QDD unit. The entire QDD process is internal at SSA, so you cannot refer your own application. However, you can do your part by ensuring you include comprehensive medical evidence; basically, you want to help the QDD computer-based predictive model do its job.

QDD Review by SSA: When an application is flagged and transferred to the QDD unit, the claims examiner will conduct another review and render a decision. The analysis focuses on your medical evidence, as well as your alleged onset date. Unlike non-QDD claims, agents do not have to request an assessment from a medical consultant. It is possible to get approval – and your disability benefits – within days instead of months. According to SSA, the average time for processing a QDD claim is 19 days.

Impact of QDD Denials: If the QDD claims examiner seeks to deny your claim, it IS necessary to get an evaluation from a medical consultant. In such a scenario, you should note that your application has only been denied from a QDD approval standpoint. Your claim is still “live” to be processed through the normal SSDI/SSI disability channels. SSA could still approve you for disability benefits based upon your application, but the wait could be up to a few months.

Discuss Your QDD Options with a Maryland SSDI/SSI Attorney 

Our Maryland Social Security disability lawyers at the Law Offices of Steinhardt, Siskind and Lieberman, LLC have in-depth knowledge of QDD and related regulations, so we can advise you on options for expediting an SSDI/SSI disability application. To learn more about our legal services, please contact us to set up a free consultation at our offices.


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