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4 Maryland Workers’ Comp Laws All Employees Should Know


Even if you do not work in an industry that is well-known for workplace accidents and occupational diseases, it is still important to know your rights under workers’ compensation laws in Maryland. Job-related medical conditions are more common than you think, as the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that there are almost 57,000 total recorded cases in Maryland every year. Of these cases, approximately 62 percent – 35,300 cases – will involve days away from work, a job transfer, or job restriction.

As a start for understanding your rights, you should become familiar with some of the key workers’ comp concepts. You can review the basics to protect yourself, though you will need legal help from a Maryland workers’ compensation lawyer for filing a claim. Four of the most important laws to know include:

  1. Workers’ Comp as Your Sole Remedy: When an employee is hurt on the job, Maryland statutes provide that going through the workers’ compensation system is the only way to recover monetary benefits. This concept means filing a claim and working with the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission (MD WCC) is the exclusive remedy available to you. It is not possible to sue in civil court unless your case involves one of the rare exceptions to the rule on workers’ comp as your sole remedy.
  1. Timing and Deadlines: Some of the most important laws on workers’ comp involve deadlines, and you need to know them to avoid letting them expire. For instance:
  • You have 10 days to notify your employer about workplace injury.
  • The MD WCC requires that you file an Employee Claim Form C-1 within 60 days after an accident.
  • Once your employer’s insurance company receives your claim, it has 21 days to either pay benefits or dispute the claim.
  • If you seek to appeal a decision by MD WCC, you have 30 days after the order is entered. 
  1. Covered Employers: Maryland employers are required to comply with workers’ compensation laws, so these companies must purchase workers’ comp insurance if they have 1 or more employees. There are some employers that are exempt, including agricultural entities with less than 3 workers and businesses with less than $15,000 in payroll per year. 
  1. Covered Employees: All workers are protected by workers’ comp laws, so you are not covered if you are an independent contractor. To be eligible for benefits, you must also show that you were injured because of job conditions and while performing work-related tasks.

A Maryland Workers’ Comp Attorney Can Explain Details

These are important laws to know if you are filing a workers’ compensation claim, but you can rely on our team at the Law Offices of Steinhardt, Siskind and Lieberman, LLC to handle all essential tasks. To learn how we support you in dealing with your employer and insurance companies, please contact our firm. We can set up a free case review at our offices in Glen Burnie, Owings Mills, Ellicott City, or Annapolis, MD. After reviewing the facts of your case, a Maryland workers’ comp lawyer will advise you.

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