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Ellicott City Correctional Officer Injury Lawyer

Being a correctional officer is no easy task. Correctional officers guard people in penal institutions as well as those in transit between jails, prisons, and courtrooms. They deal with people who have been convicted of crimes, so as you can imagine, their jobs are dangerous and stressful.

Correctional officers face a high risk of injuries. They could be injured by an inmate and become unable to work. When this happens, they need some form of financial protection.

Correctional officers are given a couple key advantages. For certain medical conditions, they are given a legal presumption that your ailment is an occupational illness. This applies to diseases such as heart disease and hypertension. They also qualify for a higher amount of disability benefits for being a correctional officer. They may obtain as much as double what other employees in the private sector may receive for the same medical condition.

It is still common for correctional officers to face challenges when filing a workers’ comp claim or in getting the benefits they deserve by law. To ensure protection of your legal rights, contact an Ellicott City correctional officer injury lawyer from the Law Offices of Steinhardt, Siskind and Lieberman, LLC.

Dangers Correctional Officers Face

Correctional officers face many dangers in the workplace. They include the following:

  • Correctional officers are at risk of physical violence from inmates. This can include assaults, attacks, and even riots within the facility.
  • Inmate mental health issues. Many inmates struggle with mental health issues, which can lead to unpredictable behavior and pose risks to the safety of officers and other inmates.
  • Health hazards. Correctional officers may face exposure to various health hazards such as infectious diseases, including tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, as well as other communicable diseases.
  • Working in a correctional facility can be isolating, as officers may face challenges in maintaining relationships outside of work due to the nature of their job.
  • Overcrowded facilities can lead to heightened tensions among inmates, increasing the risk of violence and unrest, and placing additional stress on correctional staff.
  • Lack of resources. Some correctional facilities may face challenges in terms of staffing, training, and resources, which can impact the safety and security of both officers and inmates.
  • Mental health risks. Working in a correctional facility can take a toll on the mental health of officers. They may experience stress and anxiety from dealing with difficult situations and witnessing violence.
  • Trauma and burnout. Correctional officers may experience trauma and burnout as a result of their work environment, leading to high rates of turnover and mental health issues within the profession.

Contact the Law Offices of Steinhardt, Siskind and Lieberman, LLC Today

As a Maryland correctional officer, your everyday routine involves working in very close proximity to extreme dangers. It is no surprise that workplace injuries and occupational diseases are common.

The Ellicott City correctional officers workers’ compensation lawyer at The Law Offices of Steinhardt, Siskind and Lieberman, LLC can ensure you are fully compensated if you cannot return to work quickly. To schedule a free consultation today, call (410) 766-7630.

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