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Ellicott City Car Accident Lawyer

Whenever you hop into your car, you may not think about the possible dangers. However, an accident can happen at any time and be a life-changing experience. A car crash can cause broken bones, head trauma, back and neck injuries, nerve damage, paralysis, and amputation. In the most extreme cases, a person could die.

If you have never been involved in a car accident, you may not be prepared for the complexities involved. How do you get medical treatment? What do you do if the other driver is uninsured?

Being injured in a car accident can be a traumatizing experience. What you say or do after an accident can make all the difference as to how much compensation you can receive. Make sure you get the knowledge and experience you need to succeed by contacting the Ellicott City car accident lawyer from Law Offices of Steinhardt, Siskind and Lieberman, LLC.

Types of Car Accidents

A car crash could happen in various ways. Here are some common types to be aware of:

  • Rear-end crashes. These occur when one vehicle crashes into the back of another vehicle. They often happen due to tailgating, distracted driving, sudden braking, or poor visibility.
  • T-bone accidents. These are also known as side-impact crashes. T-bone accidents happen when the front of one vehicle crashes into the side of another vehicle, forming a “T” shape. These accidents frequently occur at intersections and can result from running red lights or failing to yield.
  • Head-on crashes. In head-on collisions, the front ends of two vehicles collide with each other while traveling in opposite directions. These accidents often result in severe injuries or fatalities due to the high impact forces involved.
  • Single-vehicle accidents. These crashes involve only one vehicle and can include collisions with fixed objects such as trees, guardrails, or utility poles, as well as rollovers and run-off-road accidents.
  • Sideswipe accidents. Sideswipe accidents occur when the sides of two parallel vehicles make contact with each other. They can happen when changing lanes without checking blind spots or when drifting out of lanes due to driver distraction or fatigue.
  • Multi-vehicle pileups. Multi-vehicle accidents involve three or more vehicles and often occur on highways or freeways, especially in adverse weather conditions or low-visibility situations. These accidents can result in significant property damage and multiple injuries.
  • Parking lot accidents. These accidents occur in parking lots and often involve low-speed collisions, such as fender benders, backing out collisions, or accidents while maneuvering into or out of parking spaces.

Contact the Law Offices of Steinhardt, Siskind and Lieberman, LLC Today

Every time you get into a car, you run the risk of being involved in an accident. Even if you are careful, you can still get into a serious crash, which can affect your life permanently.

If you are injured in a car accident, seek legal help from the experienced Ellicott City car accident lawyer at The Law Offices of Steinhardt, Siskind and Lieberman, LLC. We will help you avoid common mistakes so you get the compensation you deserve. To schedule a consultation, call (410) 766-7630.

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